Don't judge a book by its cover, things may not be as they appear

Cruise: Art Gallery – 3D Art in Motion


We purchased this three dimensional (3D) Art in Motion (AIM) picture from Park West Gallery in our previous cruise.  This 3D AIM picture was created by Dominic Pangborn.  It creates the unique visual experience of feeling art move as you walk by it.




Cruise: Art Gallery – Timothy and his Buddies


As soon as I walked into the Art Gallery, my eyes were attracted by this extraordinary excellence masterpiece of craftsmanship……

“Timothy and his buddies,  “The Meerkats”,  like spending their time together collecting old tires for recycling.  Actually, it’s half business and half environmental heroism keeping things good and clean.  C’mon, support the cause!” – Timothy – Nano Lopez

Nano Lopez – The Master Sculptor


Cruise: Art Auctions at Sea


“Park West Gallery” located in the Art Gallery on the Norwegian Cruise Ship.   Not only you will find Fine Art, Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture through the gallery but also there are live Art Auctions.




Cruise: Welcome Aboard


The Hotel Director and his team members welcomed us to the Haven.



Special Treat from Captain Hakan


Cruise: Private Sun Deck


Feel like having breakfast in the sun desk?


Grab cocktail, sit back and relax with a book or electronic device.  The Haven is the place for you.




Cruise: Champagne Sail-away


Do you want to meet the Captain?  Captain Haken was hosting a VIP Cocktail Party in the Haven Lounge (Private Sun Deck)




Cruise: Bvlgari


Bvlgari – A refined bath line combing refreshing Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert fragrance notes with cleansing and softening ingredient.

Bvlgari Perfumes – Made in Italy – An expression of luxury, capturing the brand’s refinement and elegance

Enjoy all the luxury while you are in the “Haven”



Game: Roblox – Prison Life

It’s time to relax, let’s play some game.  Today I have chosen “Roblox – Prison Life”.  Are you able to escape from jail in just 4 minutes?  In this video I will show you how to do it.  Enjoy!

Roblox helps power the imagination of people around the word.  It is available on any device – PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Xbox One…….




Cruise: The Haven – Courtyard Penthouse


This penthouse feature a king-sized bed, beautiful dining and sitting area.  Spacious rooms and amazing balcony.



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